American Wind Symphony Barge

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Alternate Names: 
Point Counterpoint II, Thames Barge
Architect Name: 
Kahn, Louis I.


United States

For 53 years, the American Wind Symphony Orchestra has been making musical headlines along the waterways of the United States, the Caribbean and Northern Europe. Called “a remarkable cultural phenomenon” by New York Magazine’s music critic Alan Rich, the group continues to perform under the baton of Maestro Robert Austin Boudreau. With the help of H.J. Heinz II and David Lawrence and others, Mr. Boudreau launched his first boat, a motorless barge, in 1957, and then the self-propelled Point Counterpoint II in 1976. Though he has a house in Mars, he is more often on the water. The arrival of Point Counterpoint II at the riverfront always causes a stir.  The silver vessel, 195 feet long and 38 feet wide, was once mistaken for a UFO, as it headed for its harbor on a foggy day.  This vessel was designed by the renowned architect Louis I. Kahn. It is a floating concert hall and musicians' dormitory. It was originally floated down Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, now travels all through North America and all over the globe.
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