Aluminum City Terrace

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Architect Name: 
Gropius & Breuer
Region - Westmoreland County


New Kensington, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania 15068
United States
40° 34' 13.9332" N, 79° 44' 39.0768" W

Emergency housing developed for New Kensington's aluminum workers, which the federal government invested $1 million. "The first 40 apartments were opened for rent in March of 1942. As of 1948, the Aluminum City terrace was no a longer government owned and operated plan; the tenants who lived there at the time voted to buy the community as a co-op. Since the purchase, the Terrace has remained one of the  coziest corners of New Kensington,  often with a multi-year waiting list for new tenants.


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Aluminum City Terrace


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